This little light of mine…

Last night I attended the Passim Folk Music and Cultural Center’s 50th Anniversary Next Generation Concert that featured some of my favorite folk pop artists: Girlyman and Kris Delmhorst.  I discovered two new* artists:  Laura Cortese and The Paper Raincoat… and by new, I mean new to me.

Girlyman has a new (again…to me) song, “Joyful sign“…it’s the title track on a cd that was released in 2007.  It’s upbeat and inspiring and listening to this CD just raises my vibration all around!  The song reminded me the rare opportunity I had to experience Maya Angelou’s commanding presentation two years ago. Like the energy I felt following Maya’s speech, I returned to life, my school, and my work recharged and full of light.

As Dr. Angelou reminds us, it is important to say “thank you” to our mentors, leaders, and those people in our life who shine on our path. Today I am thankful to my friends and family for the many opportunities I have been provided with to grow both professionally and personally.

Dr. Angelou also encouraged us to think about where the “light stops shining”… She webbed a beautiful story of how one mentor of hers, an uncle, had encouraged and nurtured her to grow in her education. Imagine…this impact on her and how she, in turn, has inspired so many others. I guess this is a reminder that you never know who you will encourage and how the change you inspired in that person will inspire another, and another…creating many lights on a path connecting us all.

According to Dr. Angelou, we have more in common with others than differences–we just have to look for them.

I promise to pass this light on to my friends, colleagues, and extended community… to “live in direct relation to my heroes.”

Family and friends, thank you for the daily inspirations you bring to my life. Thank you to my blog readers and friends for the up beat comments as I find my blogging voice!

Shine On!!!

Currently listening :
Joyful Sign
By Girlyman


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