God is now following me on twitter

I will freely admit it…I’m developing tweeting addiction. These days I can’t get enough of twitter because I can say what I need to say quickly and read quick notes from others. In fact, just today I found myself tweeting

Is it just me? Or do you find yourself communicating more and more in small bites of 140 character thoughts thanks to twitter’s limitations?

(By the way, that was EXACTLY 140 characters but who’s counting?)

But I am by no means the only one. Business Week has been obsessed with it. Time Magazine is talking about it. And twitterers are tweeting about it. Where else can we get a live feed of “this just in” udpates from my favorite news sources like this one from NPR?

Government Unveils Plan For Mortgage Help http://bit.ly/xsK0

How might one otherwise tap the random thoughts by Tina Fey?

For some reason my farts smell like dog food. I don’t think I ate any…

I can get quick and succint job postings in my career from the likes of Monster.com,Workerswork.com, and CSR_Trend_Watch (that Corporate Social Responsibility for those who are unaware of this budgening movement). And I’m just delighted that I finally found a source that allows me to update the status on my blog andfacebook, all while providing short and pithy musings and minute-by-minute ramblings to all of my family, friends, and professional associates.

Today, however, was the kicker. I opened my gmail account and was pleased to learn that God is now following me on twitter.

Currently listening :
What if God was one of us?
By Joan Osborne
Release date: 1995-03-21 

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