The affair…

“You’re 15 minutes late!” She smiled and added, “You’re lucky I really like you and decided to stick around.”

…and here I was, patting myself on the back. I thought our date was for 4:30pm and I had arrived on time for once. Apparently the devil is in the details.

I sat down and she ran her fingers through my hair… then stopped suddenly.

“You’ve been seeing someone else, haven’t you?” Danielle inquired disdainfully as she examined the wisps of hair clenched in her fist.

I averted my eyes from hers in the mirror. Strike two–caught again!

Why is it that my hairdresser always makes me feel like I’ve been having an affair when I happen to get my haircut somewhere else?

She forgave me, of course, when I lied–I mean told her–about how I had to cut my hair before my cousin’s wedding in Tucson.

“It was a fashion emergency!” I promised. “And besides,” I added, “I’ve been disapointed with this mop since it was cut in January!”

She lightened up, thank goodness. But not before reminding me that my last visit with her was in August.

“…and how was the wedding?” She asked, like the overlooked friend who was not invited to the party.

Once I found myself back in her good graces, she recommended and crafted one helluva new look for me. Thank goodness our relationship is built on forgiveness!

Currently listening :
“Another Girl”
Help! [UK]
By The Beatles
Release date: 1990-10-17


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