My Rosarito! Podcast Series

My Rosarito!
Host: Mary Ann Cicala

The “My Rosarito!”podcast series is brought to you by Rediscover Rosarito—an international public affairs campaign developed between students from Emerson College, in Boston, and local leaders of Rosarito Beach in the Baja area of Mexico.  The group is dedicated to restoring the image of Rosarito Beach as a safe, secure, and prime location for tourism, retirement, and realestate investment. Find out more information at

“My Rosarito!” is a 2 part podcast series that explores a quaint and beautiful town in the Baja strip of Mexico. In each episode, Mary Ann will explore a different aspect of Rosarito Beach Mexico. You will hear from locals and tourists of Rosarito Beach, the ex patriots, long time residents of Rosarito Beach, the tourism office, and Mayor Hugo Torres.

Episode 1: Why Rosarito?
Running Time: 11 minutes, 30 seconds

In Episode 1, “Why Rosarito?,” the host, Mary Ann Cicala, provides an overview of the RediscoveRosarito campaign. We talk about why the students of Emerson College took interest in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. In part 2, Dr. Gregory Payne provides an overview of the RediscoverRosarito Project. He shares his own personal goals and objectives as a professor leading and advising the students and explores what Emerson College can offer to the project. He also shares a little bit about what he loves about Rosarito Beach.

Episode 2: Rosarito, here we come! A drive by weekend in paradise.
Running Time: 15 minutes, 38 seconds

In Episode 2, “Episode 2: Rosarito, here we come! A drive by weekend in paradise” listeners will rediscover…or discover for the first time… the promise of serenity, beauty and hospitality of this little extension of America along the Baja strip of Mexico. The episode opens with a description of the drive across the border with seven Emerson students and our professor.  In part 2, Laura Torres, President of the Rosarito Beach Hotel & Motel Association and the daughter of Rosarito Beach’s Mayor, Hugo Torres, shares the charming and nostalgic history of the Rosarito Beach Hotel and Resort.  This is one of the oldest and most famous hotels in Baja.  Local residents and expatriates share their favorite destinations and outings.  Finally, in part 4, classmate Sarah Moniz joins host Mary Ann in an exploration of the booming nightlife and bustling streets of this whimsical belt named a “super hot spot” for spring break, by Playboy Magazine.

Visit the Audio Documentaries page to listen to samples of this podcast.


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