Safety First

Yesterday, Becca and I were scheduled to bike 45 miles. We were pretty excited too! The weather was perfect riding weather: sunny and warm. The tree-shaded path and cool breeze from the ride provided a sanctuary from the rising heat (topped at 85 degrees).

We had planned to take the Somerville bike path extension to Cambridge and then pick up the Minuteman rail-trail to Bedford, and then follow a course to Walden Pond (maybe even take a quick break to dip our feet in the refreshing water). These plans, however, changed as I became more and more fatigued and cramped.

When we reached the end of the trail in Bedford, Becca recognized the signs and checked in with me. She’s been with me before when I’ve pushed myself so hard that we have had to call a family member to scrape me off the ground where I’ve crashed and cramped in agony. She’s right–sometimes I have a tendancy to push myself too hard and not listen to my body.

After a quick review of my symptoms, Becca talked some sense into me. True, we would only make half of our training ride (about 24 miles total). But she reminded me that I had started the week strong with the bike trip to Falmouth/Martha’s Vinyard and this week I’d actually logged more than the necessary amount with my short rides. Plus, 24 mile rides two days in a row is still pretty good for the beginning of the training.

Okay…so with ego in tact, we turned our bikes around and headed home.

I am so lucky to be training with a wife who cares so much about me. She reminds me to keep my eyes on the big picture and to put my health and safety first. Thank you Wuggs!

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