Virginia Road is for Lovers

Today Becca and I cycled just over 50 miles. It was exhilerating and the weather was perfect: sunshine with the temperature just warm enough so that you’d rather be on the bike with a breeze on your face then lingering in one place.

Near Great Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary in Lincoln, MA

Near Great Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary in Lincoln, MA

We rode to the end of the minute man bike path in Bedford, then used a pocket ride called “Sweet Virginia Road Ride” that took us through flat and gently rolling hills in Bedford, Concord, Lincoln, Weston, and Carlisle. We crossed the Concord River (several times), passed by Thoreau’s birthplace, and followed pretty back roads through the Great Meadows National Wildlife Sanctuary and past one of our favorite swim holes, Walden Pond.

The good news is that I managed to make the ride without killing myself or inflicting damage on any other people, and without getting lost. But that is in large part due to my dear sweet angel, Becca, who kept us on track (and made sure that I back tracked when I nearly missed two turns) and reemed me out when I almost reered out in front of a fast moving vehicle on Route 2A.

Highlights from the trip:

  • Watching a family of racoon’s parade across the bike path somewhere between Lexington and Bedford…There was a mother and five youngins!
  • The sights around the Great Meadows National Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • I was in a pure happiness vortex–and from this place, life is balanced and I know I can accomplish anything I desire.
  • ***

    This is an entry from th adventurous, thoughtful and occasionally humorous journal of my training escapades in preparation for two great century bike rides: Harbor to the Bay and El Tour de Tucson.  To find out more information or to make a pledge, visit our home blog, The Amazing Adventures of Two Girls on a Bike.


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