Checklist for tomorrow’s ride

I can’t focus today.  I’m chilly and I keep looking out the window at the ominous clouds building up.  I just posted an update on FB:

MA  is in complete denial that there is a 60% chance she will have to bike 125 miles in chilly showers tomorrow. She is requesting that all her FB friends do a series of Sun Salutations to increase her odds of blue skies…

…and, as of 29 minutes ago, I have friends in Miami and Meridian Mississipi facing north with their special sun dances and singing, “I’m walking on sunshine,”  while stomping feet.  But my office is cold, the clouds are getting darker, and I continue to lose focus on my work.

So I’m making a list to make sure that I will remember everything:

Already packed:

  • Toiletries including tooth brush, floss, and contacts. 
  • Pajamas for Wuggs and Me
  • Undergarments for each of us
  • Blue Jeans: 2 pair
  • Change of shoes for MA
  • 2 long sleeve shirts (and an extra sweater and raincoat packed by Wuggs and a sleeveless fleece for MA)
  • Night guard for Wuggs

To Do:

  • Log onto H2B site and watch safety video.
  • Pick up bike from Back Bay Bicycles after work (I get FREE tune ups for life since I bought my road bike there!!!).
  • Don’t forget my clip shoes, helmet, bike lock and safety reflector vest.
  • Program the H2B emergency phone number in my phone.
  • Pick up rider jerseys and number tonight between 4-8pm at Club Cafe.
  • Drop off any last donations received in the last week tonight at Club Cafe.
  • Drop off the giant back pack loaned to us by Randi (thanks Randi!).  Remember to stuff the book I’m currently reading, The Time Traveler’s Wifein at the last minute so I have reading material on the Ferry ride on Sunday.  Try to remember to have one of us watch the bike while the other jams in the bike lock at the last minute…don’t want any extra weight tomorrow!
  • Carb up for dinner but also try to include at least 5 fruits and veggies today.
  • Lay out my riding gear: bike shorts, jersey, sports socks, bike shoes, helmet, camelbak, sun block (who am I kidding!), rain gear (more like it), ziplock bag for my cell phone.
  • Try to find a way to go to sleep by 7:30pm tonight so I can get 8 hours of sleep (YEAH RIGHT!).
  • Double check the riding gear I’ve laid out about 10 times to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.
  • Set my alarm clock for the ungodly hour of 3:30am.
  • Double check the alarm to make sure its on.
  • Check the alarm again to make sure its set for AM and not PM.
  • Check the clock again to make sure that the real time is set for PM setting (or opposite of alarm setting).
  • Try to sleep without tossing and turning…doing everything I can including meditating and counting sheep to relax my mind and body so I feel rested for tomorrow’s ride.

Saturday Morning Checklist:

  • Wake up (or just roll out of bed if I haven’t been sleeping) at 3:30 am.
  • Pad to the bathroom and take a warm shower–try to embed that memory in my head to access when I’m tired, soar, or otherwise cold/soggy today.
  • Dress in the first layer of gear.
  • Check the weather forecast again.  If the sky has cleared and the sun miraculously is out–do the happy joy dance and thank the heavens for our incredible good fortune.  If the forecast still calls for rain–throw on the second layer of gear:  water proof pants and jacket.
  • Fill camelbak that Randi gave me with water and fill water bottle with electrolite drink.
  • Remind myself to thank Randi for being my guardian angel on this ride!!
  • Make sure Wuggs is awake and dodge her the rest of the morning (my sunny morning disposition only fans the flames of her not-a-morning-person-fiery-disposotion).
  • Try to eat some oatmeal.
  • Remember to stretch.
  • Leave the house by 4:30 am to reach Copley Square in time for a smooth check-in, protein-filled breakfast, and opening ceremonies at 5am.
  • 6am–The ride begins!!!

Did I forget anything????


This is an entry from th adventurous, thoughtful and occasionally humorous journal of my training escapades in preparation for two great century bike rides: Harbor to the Bay and El Tour de Tucson.  To find out more information or to make a pledge, visit our home blog, The Amazing Adventures of Two Girls on a Bike.

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