Metta: Loving Kindness Meditation

My wife discovered this Buddhist meditation, Metta, during her spiritual journey and shared it with me this summer.  I have not studied it greatly.  I have only an MP3 recorded by Bhante Walpola Piyananda that I listen to as I meditate.  But it brings me such peace; such joy; and such balance to my life.

According to the definition in wikipedia,

The object of mettā meditation is loving kindness (love without Upādāna, that is, attachment). Traditionally, the practice begins with the meditator cultivating loving kindness towards themselves,[7] then their loved ones, friends, teachers, strangers, enemies, and finally towards all sentient beings. Commonly, it can be used as a greeting or closing to a letter or note.

It is recommended to practice this meditation at least once daily.  We experiment by setting our morning alarm to this or by practicing in bed before we go to sleep.  Sometimes I will play this 10 minute track as I do my stretches after an uplifting workout in the gym.

Here is the practice, as shared by Bhante Walpola Piyananda, as shared on the compact disk collection: Meditation in Loving Kindness:

May I be well, happy, peaceful, and prosperous.

May no harm come to me.
May no difficulties come to me.

May no problems come to me.
May I always meet with success.

May I also have patience, courage, understanding, and determination to meet and overcome inevitable difficulties problems and failures in life.

Continue with this mantra substituting “I” with:

My parents

My family

My teachers

My relatives

My friends

Those unfriendly to me

Those unknown to me

All human beings

It is recommended at least once daily and to continue the meditation reflecting on loving kindness for a period of time following the mantra.  The practitioner may radiate metta in every direction.

End with the closing affirmation:

May the suffering be free from suffering.

May the fearful be free from fear.

May the grieving be free from grief.

May all beings be well and happy.

May you be well and happy.

May you be well and happy.

May you be well and happy.


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