Review of the LiveHappy IPhone Application

Screen shots for LiveHappy Iphone ApplicationTwo and a half weeks ago, I downloaded the “LiveHappy” application on my IPhone. I first learned about this application when I heard Deepak Chopra speak at the Yoga Journal Conference hosted in Boston on April 8th.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this application an 8.  In other words, I mostly love it!

This “Happiness Boosting Positive Psychology Program” is centered around six activities that were developed based on the writings and research of Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky.  The activities topics include:

  • Screenshot of an example from the Savoring AlbumSavor-includes activities such as the “Savoring Album” that allows you to record a cherished moment with a photo and short text description, and the “Happy Days” that allow you to rewind and reflect on a moment in time and replay that moment in a short journal entry.
  • Social-includes activities such as “Acts of Kindness” that encourage the user to reach out to a person who can benefit from your help, and “Nurture Relationships” by showing appreciation and affection for existing social connections.
  • Strive-is an activity that helps you set, evaluate and reach goals.
  • Explore-includes links to all sorts of research on the science of happiness.
  • Screenshot from Express Gratitude exampleThank-includes activities such as “Express Gratitude” that encourages you to express your thanks to someone who has made an impact on your life (and literally contact them directly from the app!), and “Gratitude Journal” where you can write 3 to 5 things for which you are currently thankful.
  • Optimism-features the “Best Possible Self” activity wherein you sit in a quiet place and reflect on various aspects of your life and where you expect to be in a few years from now.

Every time the user participates in one of the activities, its logged in the user’s time line.

Each of these activities would be fine enough on their own–but the application takes one more important step to further engage its user.  Upon downloading the LiveHappy application, you are invited to fill out three different surveys.  The results of these surveys help to find the best activities for you and to assess your happiness and mood as well as help you discover your personality strengths.

Once you take these surveys, the LiveHappy application makes suggestions (based on your results) of activities that will most likely put you in a better mood or, make you happy.  As you progress, the application invites you to retake various surveys to measure how your happiness might be affected by the use of the LiveHappy application and tools.

The only suggestions I have to improve this application is to allow application users to connect on a website and enhance the display of the timeline.  If the user had access to a website, they could explore their progress or write in more detail in a different layout.  Sometimes, the IPhone is just too small to capture some of the monumental experiences and thoughts/feelings that I would like to express in my activities.  Similarly, once you have been using the application for several weeks or months, you can no longer view the actual day or date of certain entries.  On occasion, I would be curious of an exact day I posted something as opposed to “this week” or “this month.”

The LiveHappy application is carried by Signal Patterns, a company that develops psychology-based mobile and web applications.

This LiveHappy user is more than happy to encourage others to join her in the pursuit of happiness!

Live Happy Logo


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2 Responses to Review of the LiveHappy IPhone Application

  1. Thanks! I liked your blog on the whole and this review in particular. I work for the iphone application development so I try to follow all the news about different iphone apps. But really I`ve never heard about such great thing as LiveHappy. I believe in power of positive thinking and visualisation, so I personally would like to check out this iphone app on your advice. It seems to be really helpful when you`ve got some stress or when there`s nothing to make you happy.

  2. themacdoodle says:

    I’m glad you found this post useful! Good luck in your pursuit of happiness (and in your pursuit of cool IPhone applications!).

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