Superior Lagoon

View from my balcony on our first day of a much needed vacation.  Club Med calls this a “lagoon.”  Once we found out that over 50 alligators inhabit these waters, Wuggs began referring to it as the “swamp.”

Just left of the last set of rooms, you can see the trapeze.  Among the activity offerings at this Club Med was a trapeze school.  I would have loved to participate in this little excursion…but since I blew my back out the week before, we decided that I should sit out this vacation.  We also opted out of water skiiing–me because of my back and Wuggs, because we had to sign a waiver that said we recognized the risk of water skiiing in alligator infested waters!

Next to the trapeze school is the basketball court and several hammocks.  One of our favorite memories during the vacation was lounging in a hammock and writing in our journal in the shade of the early morning sun.


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