#42 on the Bucket List-Learn how to do my own bike repairs

Wuggs and I took a 2 hour bike repair class at Quad Cycle in Arlington, MA last Friday.  While I can’t entirely claim to scratch off number 42 on my “Bucket List,” I think I can give myself a gold star.  I can’t recommend this workshop or bike store enough!  The instructor, Adam, was so patient and kind.

This is not my first bicycle repair class–I’ve taken one other.  But the difference between Adam and the unmemorable instructor from the other bike place is that Adam was following his heart.  Not all people possess the communication skills, calmness, and passion for the mechanics.

Bobby Mac far left

Quad Cycle first came on our radar about five years ago when Wuggs and I were training for our first century ride.  We came across a group of cyclists in Concord, MA with a rowdy ride leader named Bobby Mac.  Like Adam, Bobby Mac was passionate and commanding leader.  Bobby Mac introduced himself at their rest stop and invited us to join the Quad Cycle group on ANY Saturday (they meet every Saturday at 9am at Quad Cycle in Arlington and go on a group ride that ranges from 30-60 miles).

Adam taught us the basics of how the gear functions and how to change a flat tire on a road bike.  He had collected several variety of flat tires and shared these with great excitement.  While Wuggs and I aced the class–it is clear that we will probably need to change at least 100 tires before we can really do this with confidence.

I look forward to future workshops with Adam and future training rides with Bobby Mac.


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