I’m a Food Processor

This morning my boss asked me, “If [I] were a kitchen appliance, what would [I] be?”

If I had to choose one appliance to describe me…I guess I would have to go with a food processor.

It’s a classic—and while one can go without a food processor in the kitchen…having such a gadget certainly makes any job in the kitchen easier and more fun.

  • Like a food processor, I am versatile.  Just make a few minor changes with the tools at hand and I can handle a variety of tasks.
  • The food processor can handle very precise chores such as slicing.  I can slice right through an issue and get directly to the point if necessary.
  • This appliance can process large quantities of food.  And I, too, can process large quantities of work…I’m a multi-tasking queen!
  • The food processor can chop, mince, blend, mix, and emulsify….  I’m great at breaking down a large project into smaller more “doable” parts. I’m not afraid to delegate so different team members can blend their tasks and goals with our own.  I like to consider myself a personable team member who can mix well with a variety of personalities…and when I’m multitasking with all of these functions—you’ll note that I am quite smooth at times J.
  • A good food processor will have a wide mouth to accommodate multiple sized vegetables…My wide mouth is usually helpful because I can be direct.  Note, however, that this mouth is also wide enough to fit my foot.


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Communications Manager, Creative Strategist, Community Builder, & Possibility Agent
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