Lizard Loung + The David Wax Museum

I’m looking forward to seeing one of my favorite bands, The David Wax Museum, perform at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA!

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2 Responses to Lizard Loung + The David Wax Museum

  1. sophielm says:

    Hey! Just came across your blog. I’m doing something similar but no where near impressive where i’m treating life as if I only have 30 days left to live! It’s pretty exciting so far but a massive challenge. Love your bucket list and have subscribed! 🙂

    • themacdoodle says:

      Thank you! Wow–that IS an interesting challenge. I sometimes try to think about my interactions with those I love in the context of “living for today,” or living like this is my last day. It certainly encourages me value every moment as if its my last. But treating life like you only have 30 days to live…well that would put a huge rush on completing on the items on my bucket list!

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