Spectacle Island Sea Glass

Wuggs and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary by exploring the beaches of Spectacle Island today. Spectacle Island is part of the Boston Harbor Islands and is a 15 minute ride on the ferry from Long Wharf.

Sea glass is bountiful and signs around the state park ask visitors to respect these “artifacts” by leaving them for other visitors to enjoy. That did not stop me from collecting this glass during my stroll on the beach and organizing it for photos to collect and bring home in lieu of the beach gems.

The island has a long and varied history that spans 150 years and includes farming, host to a glue factory, resort hotels, and garbage dump. After this dump was filled and covered with dirt from “The Big Dig” in the 70’s and 80’s, the site was returned to the public and a park was constructed over the landfill.

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2 Responses to Spectacle Island Sea Glass

  1. Betsy says:

    Remember when you used to find heart shaped rocks? I see you haven’t lost your eye for spotting ♥’s in nature.

    • themacdoodle says:

      I’m glad you noticed the heart shaped piece. We just *might* have *accidentally* made it off the island with a heart-shaped piece of beach glass that somehow got *forgotten* my pocket.

      It was teeny tiny–maybe an inch. So we got over the guilt pretty quickly…

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