Puppet In Need

The living statues in Harvard Square always get my attention. But, Hey! How can I pass up the opportunity to help a puppet in need!

When I can spare a dollar, I happily toss one in for these performance artists. I know that donations turn them on … so to speak. Literally, they come alive and interact with you for a moment. This puppet demonstrated her gratitude by adjusting her pose in hard, jagged movements.

Usually I feel good about giving them an opportunity to adjust…. I mean, can you IMAGINE standing frozen for long periods of time? All I can think about are the aches and stiffness. And don’t forget about how difficult it would be to stand there waiting for the opportunity to…say… tend to an itchy nose or something. But this puppet’s mechanical dance looked almost as painful as it might be to continue with the stance.

I have nothing but admiration…and now one less dollar.


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