Let’s Go To The Dogs!

One can learn the simplest but most important lessons from our four-legged friends.

The idiomatic expression, “go to the dogs,” implies that one has gone to ruins. I would like to reclaim and repurpose the saying to suggest good adventure and living in the moment! That’s just what I did this morning when took a stroll down to
Centennial Park and discovered a beach dedicated solely to dogs (and their best friends).

As a visitor to Evanston, IL (and without a dog of my own), I was not allowed to walk directly on this Lake Michigan beach. Instead, I enjoyed the scene from a distance in quiet reflection. Just moments before I had allowed the stress of travel and the hundreds of little details of work and life that would normally cause me to tense up to consume me. However, in observing the tail-wagging action of chase and fetch, I was reminded of the value of being fully present.

So… Why not allow yourself to “go to the dogs?” I’m so grateful that I did today!


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Communications Manager, Creative Strategist, Community Builder, & Possibility Agent
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