Sudo Shoes

My first completely 100% socially responsible shoe purchase:

* LOCAL: purchased at “Mom & Pop Shop,” Sudo Shoes located on Mass Ave in Porter Square, Cambridge,

* VEGAN: made entirely of synthetic material,

* SWEAT SHOP FREE: made at a union factory in Portugal that pays living wages and salaries to its employees,

* ENVIRONMENTAL: fabricated and packaged entirely with environmentally friendly and recycled materials,

* COMFORTABLE: form fitting to my slim feet,

* FASHIONABLE: they are perfect for casual and professional dress!

True to Sudo Shoes’ motto, these ethically conscious shoes will encourage me to “walk with principal.”


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2 Responses to Sudo Shoes

  1. Mama says:

    Although all my shoe purchases in the past few years have been “Vegan,” I never thought to check for “Sweat Shop Free.” Thanks for the nudge, Mija!

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