A view from behind the historic “Passage Tomb” at Newgrange in Ireland near the River Boyne.

The passage tombs are thought to have been designed over 5,000 years ago in Ireland to mark the passage of time (calendar measure for Winter Solstice) and mark the passage from this life to the next.  The Neolithic people of this region housed the cremated remains of their dead in the tomb.  Once a year, during the Winter Solstice, the sun floods the tomb with light.  The rest of the year it remains dark.



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2 Responses to Newgrange

  1. Mama says:

    This looks like the landscape where John was in my one and only dream about him! (with fewer trees, & minus the fence & buildings). I thought it was odd because I’d never seen a landscape with so much green grass & big boulders at the same time.

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