Yay for snail mail!

Let’s hope that the Postal Oath can be amended to read, “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, [nor the advent of social media,] nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”


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2 Responses to Yay for snail mail!

  1. yay – indeed! I have been a lifelong correspondent, and a hoarder of received letters. I just wrote a post about the value of having letters from previous lives — including lives no longer with us. I try to write a letter every day. If you asked me, I could write a book.

    • themacdoodle says:

      Thank you for the comment–I love comments on my blog almost as much as I love a letter in the mail!

      Since you asked me (sort of) I think you SHOULD write a book. I love the way your string your words together to evoke images, thoughtful points for discussion, and hearty chuckles. In short–I would read any book by you!

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