Grateful for roadside service

On the second full day of our road trip, we ran out of gas on I-10 West, just outside of Fort Davis, Texas.  We filled up the tank in Kerrville at lunch and I let Mom take her turn at the wheel.  After 3 1/2 hours of driving, we *just happened* to decide to take a picnic exit to switch off.

When I tried to start the car, all I could hear was, “rrrrwwwrrrr…rrrrwwwrrr…rrwwwrrr.”

For the novice driver that I am, I thought the battery had died so I asked a nice family at the rest stop if we could use the cables to jump start our car.

Another round of, “rrrrwwwrrrr…rrrrwwwrrr…rrwwwrrr..,” and the gentleman said, “Sounds to me like what ya’ll need is gas.”

Sure ‘nough, he was right.  Mom had driven the car to her last drop.  We thanked our new friends–who offered several times to drive us to the next exit–and waved them on their way.  Then we called roadside assistance.

Mom is pictured here giving her thumbs up with our hero of the hour.

Photo taken with the Hipstamatic Application.
Lens: Helga Viking
Film:  Pistil

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