#18: The US States Progress

In setting goals, I’ve found that it helps to take an assessment every so often of what has been accomplished to date.  And so–as part of today’s reflections– I decided it was time to take a peak at the bucket list that I originally composed in June of 2010.  On a few occasions I have made some edits here and there to individual items.  But one that has remained on the list unchanged is:

18.  Visit every one of the 50 states in the United States.

So I spent this morning finding an interactive map so that I could visually track the number of states I have already visited at some point (airport layovers don’t count) and here’s what I came up with.

States still unvisited are in blue

In less than a month I’ll be able to knock Kansas off my list thanks to an extended business trip.

So that just leaves the seventeen states listed here. I’ve made a note where there are bucket list items and other activities that draw me to some of the states. 

  • Alaska–I hear that this is the best place to see the Northern Lights (the Aurora Borealis) and this would also kick #79 of the bucket list.
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii–Here I would be able to take care of bucket list #31 and set foot on a black sand beach or see a live volcano (from a safe distance).
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Iowa–I’ve heard that this seven day bike ride across Iowa at the end of July is safe, fun, and beautiful.  Perhaps I can celebrate a wedding anniversary with my sweet wife by checking out the only state where our marriage is legal in the U.S. that we still have not visited!
  • Michigan–Detroit is just under a 5 hour drive from Niagra Falls–and bucket list item #24.  Roadtrip?
  • Montana–My family almost moved there when I was a teen.  I’ve been curious about it ever since.
  • Nebraska–A fews years back I heard about the Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska (BRAN) that takes place every year in early June.  I like the idea so perhaps Wuggs and I’ll participate one one (or seven days as it were).
  • New Jersey–The Appalachian Trail runs through here…and so does a piece of bucket list item #13!
  • North Carolina–The great Smokey Mountains and Outer Banks have been destinations in this state that I’ve longed to visit for sometime.  So perhaps this state will be one to visit again and again.
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Washington–Sample coffee in Seattle, see resident wild Orca, bike the San Juan Islands…  sounds lovely, right?  Plus, while I’m there I might be able to just drive across the border to Vancouver and kick off #26 from the bucket list!
  • West Virginia-The Appalachian Trail runs through here…and so does a another portion of bucket list item #13!
  • Wyoming

The states marked off the list already include those that I have visited or been to as part of my life time experience leading up today.  However, the friend who inspired this has a different set of goals that I may consider once I’ve at least touched each of these states.  Her goal –entitled 50 by 50 and set on her thirtieth birthday a few years back–is to visit every State in the USA by the time she is fifty. The basic rules that guide her trips are that: a two night stay is required, a souvenir coffee table book must be purchased and a spa treatment is necessary to achieve 50 by 50 success!

If you’re a friend and one of these interests you, hit me up and let’s plan it!


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One Response to #18: The US States Progress

  1. wuggs says:

    lets definitley go to hawaii soon!

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