Dinner is Served

This green glass of glam is a smoothie that was inspired by a recipe by the
Crazy Sexy Kris Carr. I’m celebrating the end of my Spondylitus-induced inertia with a pint of Irish Love (well… It is a pint and it’s green, so I’m taking some poetic license here).

Wuggs and I participated in the Brian Honan 5K run/walk and we did equal parts of each!

Green Guru Smoothie:
Yields two 16 oz servings


1 Avocado
5-8 Romaine Leaves
1 Cucumber
1 Tbs Liquid Chlorophyl*
1 cp. Coconut Water
1 Frozen Banana
1 Handful Soybean Sprouts**
1 Tbs. Honey***

Blend to perfection

*Kris’s recipe calls for 2 oz. E3Live
**I added this for protein
***Kris’s recipe calls for Stevia to taste or 1 tsp Agave


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One Response to Dinner is Served

  1. wuggs says:

    so good. still reeping benefits

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