KC was a Masterpiece

Courtney threatening to pull me in the fountain

Two weeks ago I traveled to Kansas City for work.  Every day, when the whistle blew at 5 o’clock, I explored the city restaurant by restaurant.  I was only there for four days, so I could only explore as much.  My lovely guide, Courtney, shared KC through her eyes and here are a few interesting facts that I learned:

1.  City of Fountains:  There is only one other city in the WORLD with more fountains than Kansas City.  That city is Rome.

2.  Kansas City is actually in MO–though there is a Kansas City, KS as well.

3.  Kansas City is home to the headquarters of:  Russell Stover Candies, H&R Block, Hallmark Cards, Applebee’s, Sprint, AMC Theatres, and Garmin International.

4. KC is home to many culinary delights beyond just BBQ.  But the Barbecue is pretty damn amazing!

5.  The downtown area (rated by Forbes Magazine among its top 10 downtowns in the U.S.) is a happening center where you can walk from restaurant to bar to gallery.  I was jealous to learn that a friend’s 2,000 square foot lot rents for about $1,200/month!

I was pleased for a work experience that allowed me to spend so much time with a good friend while also getting me closer to completing another bucket list item.  With the state of Kansas off the list of 50 states, I have only 17 more states to explore.  To commemorate the trip, I purchased two bottles of local wine from Somerset Ridge Vineyard and Winery in Paola, Kansas.   The “Chardonel” was surprisingly refreshing… just like my trip to Kansas City.


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