From Zero to Twelve

In 2010, I made a resolution that I would have No New Years Resolution.  I followed that rule again in 2011 with a simple theme of making the year “all about fun.”  While I did have lots of fun in the past year, in retrospect, I believe that 2011 was actually a year of exploration.

I explored a possible new home, my professional potential in my career with a recent promotion, the workings (and limitations) of my body with the help of a great medical team, and I explored how I view my life as it unfolds through this blog.

As I have reviewed my posts for 2011, one lesson that has been reenforced this year is that allowing myself to dream and set goals drives me.  I think a big part of why I avoided resolutions for the last two years is because one part of me feared failure.

Moving forward I do not want to approach my resolutions as pass or fail.

While I hope to reach each of my objectives, I believe that falling short from time to time can be a reward in itself for the lesson learned.  Sometimes that lesson is that the target is not a good match.  Sometimes the lesson is that ambitions can change and evolve and the original intent is no longer appropriate for the current circumstances.  And sometimes the lesson is that I need to align myself to the goal and try again–it is not a failure; the deadline has merely been extended.

And so, here we are on the cusp of a new year and I’m taking a daring step from having no resolutions to sharing with the world (accountability is EVERYTHING) my twelve goals for 2012.  My original thought of using the number twelve is that there are twelve months in the year and I can dedicate each month to one goal.  But that will not work as many of these goals are ongoing.  So I guess I will tie the number twelve to the last two digits of the year 2012 into a little bow and call it a theme (Martha would be so proud).

I want to dedicate this next year of blogging towards reporting on my progress for these goals and what I am learning along the way.  Of course, I will still post my occasional photo or fun experience, or new recipe as the muse nudges me.  But I hope to address the progress of each goal in at least one post each month.

Okay–enough commentary.  I hope these will be explanation enough.

Goals for 2012:

  1. Live an energized and balanced life of work, play, and rest
  2. Begin a regular and weekly meditative and mindful practice such as Tai Chi or restorative Yoga
  3. Take a pottery class at MFA School (and apply towards #10 on the Bucket List)
  4. Make new friends and build community with Wuggs
  5. Enjoy one green smoothy a day (or the equivalent of raw green veggies)
  6. Enroll in an intermediate swim class
  7. Minimum of one camping trip in the spring or summer with Randi-pants
  8. Compete in at least one sprint triathlon
  9. Complete all improv comedy class levels at ImprovBoston and perform in a minimum of 3 improv shows
  10. Complete my strategic plan for life (I’ve been promising myself this one since 2008!)
  11. Begin exploring massage schools & requirements for certification
  12. Return to Key West with Wuggs to celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary (#96 on the Bucket List)

Wish me luck!  And if I fail…well then maybe the Mayans were right and in the end none will be the wiser.


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