That was SOOO 2011!

On Sunday my friend, Jessica, hosted a brunch to celebrate the fact that we finally rounded the curve on holiday party overkill. It was a “Post Holiday (Not Another Holiday Party) New Year’s Brunch” and a great excuse to get together with a group of inspiring friends while being inspired by a few new people.

I think this is appropriate to add toward my goal #1 for 2012 because I managed to really balance this day with work, play, and rest.  Some of Jessica’s guests also include colleagues of mine (so cool to combine work with play!), and before we headed over to the brunch, Cassie and challenged ourselves to a rigorous cycling class (a different type of work and play)!  Resting and reflecting our plans for living better amongst a group of inspiring people…well,  I can’t think of a better way to sum up that first goal for 2012!

The original plan was to have a New Year’s Resolution Wall of Shame but I love that we ended up turning it into a two column list of feel good, positive thinking, challenges.

I present to you our Out With the Old, In With the New list. May these validate you, inspire you, or just make you laugh…

– 2011/+ 2012

– Dullness
+ Hilarity

– Reactions
+ Mindfulness

– AFGE (Another effing growth experience)
+ Learning from AFGE

– Too much TV and Inactivity
+ GOALS! GOALS! GOALS! (and tracking them….)
+ My first triathlon! (I know, I know…I’m coming across as an overachiever with two posts–but I have to make up for watching ALOT of TV last year.)

-Inactivity, holding onto situations that don’t work
+ Dance, Open to opportunities, Joy

– Out with a messy disorganized apartment
+ New, bigger apartment

– Old weak Cara!
+ Lifting more weight. Stronger!

– Sambuca!
+ Happy New Year! More Sambuca. (Do I sense a cycle, Frank?)

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