Breaking the Friends and Food Cycle

Have you ever noticed how many of our social connections are nurtured over food and alcohol? Maybe it’s just me but I’ve been keenly aware of saying and hearing things like, “Let’s grab a drink and catch up,” or “Want to meet for lunch or dinner?” The fact is I probably waste a lot of calories (and money) on socializing.

Today I’m getting together with a good friend with whom I usually end up eating and snacking myself silly. I’m taking one step away from this and invited her to be a guest at my gym today. Since the gym has a nice whirlpool and steam room/sauna we’re going to make it a work out/spa day and finish the afternoon with a healthy brunch and homemade facials + mani-pedi at her place.

While we still are having a meal together–it’s not the focal point of the meet up and I’m hoping that we both go for the healthy food option since we’ll be coming from a work out.

I’ll let you know how it goes… But I’m going to try this technique out moving forward. Instead of meeting up for a lunch, I’ll try inviting my friend for a walk around the park or a bike ride… Or even window shopping.

Please feel free to share your activity ideas that can replace the food and drink “dates.”

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1 Response to Breaking the Friends and Food Cycle

  1. wuggs says:

    this is a great idea… i like it 🙂

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