GRATiTUDE ATtiTUDE: 20 of 100

Yesterday I decided to embark on a fun challenge–and a very appropriate way to end the month of February. Every day for ten days I will be sharing ten new things for which I am grateful. By Leap Year Day, I will have a list of 100 unique things that make me say, “Thank You.”




Today I present to you the next 10 items that give me GRAtiTUDE ATTiTUDE: 

  1. Sleep. I do this every night. And I wake up refreshed and renewed and alert. It helps my tissue repair, muscles relax, blood supply increase, restores my energy, releases hormones, provides energy to the brain, supplies interesting dreams– and just feels darn good!
  2. I am grateful for the four avocado pits that I have turned into indoor avocado plants. They are thriving at various stages. They keep me present. And they make me smile.
  3. Viral YOUTUBE videos like JESSICA’S DAILY AFFIRMATION that turn 4 year olds into role models for adults! And ones that reclaim Valentine’s Day by  seeking answers to the question, “What is love?” as a means of celebrating an otherwise commercialized holiday.
  4. Meaningful memories like watching the sunrise on a fishing trip with my Dad in the White Mountains in Northern Arizona.
  5. The winter. But only because it makes me appreciate the other three seasons so much more.
  6. Coffee! For waking up my taste buds and firing up my brain synapsis!
  7. Oxytocin… Even if it means that I’m little late to work because I ended up spending 5 more minutes cuddling with my honey in the morning.
  8. My health. I may have a few limitations that come with age and injury. But mostly I am healthy and strong and more than able.
  9. I love my two furry friends Poppy and Succotash. How could you not love two cats with names like these?
  10. My improv comedy class that allows me to meet new people, live completely in the moment, take chances, and experience playtime for adults for 2 1/2 hours each week.

What puts you in the ATtiTUDE OF GRATiTUDE?


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One Response to GRATiTUDE ATtiTUDE: 20 of 100

  1. Betsy says:

    Speaking of “What is love?”–watch the documentary, “Love, Etc.”, if you get a chance. 🙂

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