Rockets of GRATiTUDE: 30 of 100

Day three of my 10 x 10 gratitude challenge. Every day for ten days I’m launching ten rockets of gratitude with the goal of celebrating leap year by sitting on Planet Grateful reviewing my map of 100 unique destinations that were a part of my travels.

For those who like to keep track there were ten posted on Monday and another ten posted on Tuesday…today’s 10 will launch a total of 30 unique rockets of gratitude.

Let today’s countdown begin…

  1. My friends… Or as I like to refer to them: my chosen family. They make me laugh, they are there when I need a hug, and they wake up my creativity.
  2. A paycheck. Yep. It’s pretty cool that I get one for spending my days doing fulfilling work! When I theirs bout or hear others complain about their jobs, I shake my head and smile inwardly at the great luck I have to get paid doing something I love.
  3. I am doing free-style swimming. For someone who physically could not even turn her head just 6 months ago…that’s pretty amazing! No more more snorkel masks and awkward glances at the local indoor pool!
  4. I am grateful for federal and state holidays that remind us that there is more to life than work work work.
  5. I am grateful for goals. Without them I would be lost. Without tracking them I would not know where I have been. Without setting them I would not know my destination.
  6. But I am also grateful for setbacks; they give me something to learn from.
  7. My favorite healthy fast food: spicy tuna rolls and miso soup.
  8. A rich English language that includes onomatopoeia — or the formation or use of words that imitate sound and make language buzz… such as NomNomNom, kaPOW, and ShazAM!
  9. Champagne. Sparkling Wine. Prosecco. Soda Water. If it has bubbles I can drink it to celebrate the milestones in life.
  10. No matter what life brings me… There is always SOMETHING to smile about. Yes…I am, forever, the accidental optimist.

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Communications Manager, Creative Strategist, Community Builder, & Possibility Agent
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