Thank You Thursday

I’m on a ten day mission to track ten things I’m grateful everyday until leap day.

Ten things I’m thankful for this Thursday:

1. A boss who sees my potential and pushes me to aim higher every day.

2. I love when the spring is coming close and thedays are getting longer.

3. I am grateful for the roof over my head. When you consider that on any given night there are almost 650,000 people experiencing homelessness in the US, I feel so fortunate that I have a warm home and bed to sleep in.

4. That I’ve shed 5 1/2 pounds of my winter weight. Only 10 more pounds to go!

5. I am grateful for the gift of LIFE.

6. The “like” button on Facebook and WordPress. The +1 button on google+. And expressions like “attaboy” that show positive support.

7. My college degrees; both of them.

8. The interstates and highways of north America. I can eat a strawberrieswhen there is snow in my backyard simply because this intricate system ties together 3 countries and more than 50 states together so truckers can drive produce that might otherwise be out of season in my region.

9. My bookcase full of fabulous books.

10. My health insurance that grants me access to some of the best doctors in the world and a team that communicates do well together!



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Communications Manager, Creative Strategist, Community Builder, & Possibility Agent
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