Rampage of Appreciation: Halfway There

This is day five of my GRATiTUDE ATTiTUDE challenge. Everyday–for ten days–I’m posting ten different things that make me feel grateful. By February 29th I hope to have juicy list choc-full of 100 uniquely qualified things that make me feel lucky.  Today’s list brings me up to 50…and halfway there.

Let today’s rampage of appreciation begin:

1. A simple connection with a stranger in an otherwise hectic commute. It could be eye contact, a smile, or even a simple nod; just as long as it reminds us that we are all connected in some way.

2. I am so thrilled that I found the website and app for MyFitnessPal. What an excellent and easy way to track what I put into my body and my exercise.

3. I am grateful for the mindfulness that I am learning through Tai Chi.

4. My book club. Once a month I get to meet up with a group of women who call ourselves The Bitchin’ Babes. Tonight we’re discussing The Forty Rules of Love, by Elif Shafak.

5. Vitamins. For supplementing what I miss in my diet otherwise.

6. I am thankful for riding The MBTA. I don’t know if I would have ever chosen Boston if it did not have such inexpensive and convenient transportation! Charlie, you’re the perfect rush hour commute buddy.

7. I am thankful for my iPhone that allows me to connect to family, friends, work, the world … And my MUSIC!

8. I am thankful for access to clean water. Have you ever considered the science and engineering that goes into designing access to safe and clean water supply?  I was reminded of this during the 2010 Boston Water Emergency. I am astounded, at least once a day, at how easy it is to get a glass of fresh, clean water!  Listen: 60% of the total body weight in the average god pod is made of water.  Water is important and I’m grateful for this.

9. That a college buddy set up a group on facebook called “Let’s Stay Healthy” where a group of friends and community (that does not extend beyond 1 degree of separation) can share goals, challenges, milestones, and tips for healthy living.

10. Clothes. Wouldn’t it be awkward to ride the subway and collaborate with our colleagues with our girlie parts all out there for the world to see?


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One Response to Rampage of Appreciation: Halfway There

  1. Erica S. says:

    I really enjoy your posts Mary Ann! They always add sunshine my day. Thanks for being so positive!

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