The Happy Saturday List

Day six of my GRATiTUDE ATTiTUDE challenge.  And this list of ten things I’m super grateful for in my life brings me up to 60.  In four more days, Leap Year Day, to be exact, I will have a list of 100 completely unique things to celebrate for making my life pretty darn cool.

Today’s list begins with:

  1. Weekends!  This one is filled with all sorts of fun activities from swimming, to comedy, to brunch gatherings…and lots of physical activity. Yay weekends!
  2. Moleskin journals. I love them: almost every size and shape… But especially the ones that fit in my back pocket.  I have a different moleskin journal for almost every different type of activity in my life.  I think, one day, I may just have a small bookshelf to store a library of these pocket sized journals.
  3. Letters. You know…the old fashioned kind with ink, nice paper and envelope, a stamp and carried to your address by postal or delivery service.
  4. Paying it forward. Sometimes it feels good to do something nice and unexpected for no other reason than to cultivate happiness in another. Recognition or not… The idea is usually paid forward. Not always immediately. But in time.
  5. The Colorado River:  it feeds into the Gulf of California–but only after flowing through seven US states (and two Mexican states), carving the freaking GRAND CANYON in its path, and being a part of two experiences I will have in my lifetime: hike the grand canyon and experience a white water rafting trip in Colorado River 🙂
  6. Fancy hotels with luxurious bathrobes and Egyptian Cotton sheets with 3-digit thread counts.
  7. The fact that my state was the first US one to legally recognize the marriage to my best friend and soul-mate, Wuggs.
  8. The family tree. Yes.  It’s a real tree. We have a giant cottonwood where my family gathers (and take some of the best family portraits ever).
  9. My nieces and nephews –they hold the secret to life and I find myself living vicariously through each (Ages: 10 months, 4 1/2, 14, and 16).
  10. That I have options; that I am free to make choices.

What are YOU grateful for?


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One Response to The Happy Saturday List

  1. Mama says:

    I assume the 16 year old niece/nephew is Heather–well, she’s actually 17! Born 9/26/94.

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