I’m Gr8!

I’m on a mission to record ten things everyday (for ten days). Today’s 10 (plus one that I inadvertently left off of yesterday’s list) brings me up to 80 total.

1. Blasting body pumping music and turning my 5 minute walk from the subway to my office into a catwalk. Strutting the entire way with a brief vogue at the crosswalk/stoplight is the BEST way to get me psyched for a get-it-done week ahead!

2. The satisfaction of checking something off my “to-do” list. Productivity feels good!

3. My brain and the ability to use it for creative and strategic thinking. But also the cognitive use and the 50 million things we don’t think about that our brain quietly takes care of…

4. An office door that closes so I might minimize distractions.

5. I love love love my road bike do much so that, when I have to put that aluminum pony away for the winter, it’s like breaking up with my first sweetheart!

6. I am grateful for the gift of another day to live. I am also grateful for the promise of tomorrow.

7. My gym, Healthworks. I absolutely LOVE working out. It’s not ALWAYS because I enjoy the sweat either. Sometimes just knowing that I’m going into a gym where I will be surrounded by focused, smiling, and energetic women is enough to pull me out of my would-be lazy bones.

8. Oxygen. It’s a simple element on the Periodic Table and yet so vital to our existence on this planet.

9.The dining hall at my school and my meal plan. I have access to healthy quick food for a very inexpensive price. We also have a killer salad bar that encourages me to fill up on healthy raw veggies.

10. My bucket list and 100 experiences of many varieties to set my scope on experiencing in this lifetime.

11. Success. It feels good when I experience it. And its my favorite way to learn. From the success of loved ones, to my own… And even strangers as case studies.

What are you grateful for?



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