It Takes a Village to Build Gratitude: Day 9

Every day, since President’s Day, I have been recording ten things for which I’m grateful. The ultimate goal is that I will have a list of 100 unique things that make me celebrate life by tomorrow in honor of Leap Year Day.

Today’s theme focuses on the love of community–Beit family, friends, neighbors, strangers… And how these can generate intangible feelings, memories, and naturally occurring chemical reactions in our minds and bodies that last well beyond the point of contact or experience.

Ten things that make me grateful:

  1. My team.  I have been blessed with direct reports who make my job all the more enjoyable.  They work hard, smile and laugh liberally, encourage me to try new things and think outside the box.  I am one lucky manager!
  2. Locally owned businesses. Moms and Pops rule!
  3. The local farmers for growing a bounty of healthy and organic vegetables and fruit and raising local livestock that nourish me.
  4. I love my in-laws. With marriage, I inherited four new siblings (and don’t tell anyone else…but I think I may even like them more than my spouse). How many married women can boast this?
  5. LOVE: and it’s ability to make me feel tender and passionate, forgiving and unconditional.
  6. Madera Canyon. A place to feel close to my lost brother and a place to relive some of my favorite childhood memories.
  7. Lakes Apache and Roosevelt in AZ for providing a rite of passage that any kid should have: camping with cousins, diving off cliffs into fresh water, listening to the Beach Boys until our heads spin, boogie boarding and tubing behind a speedboat, sharing stories around a campfire, and sleeping in lawn chairs under the starry night.
  8. Family traditions that revolve around good food: like baking covered apple pies for Thanksgiving and my Nonna’s marinara for just about everything else.
  9. Belly laughs. There isn’t much better in this world than a hearty belly laugh.
  10. My BFF’s. Who love me as I am and know how to laugh with me about life’s happenings.

What (and who) make YOU grateful?

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Communications Manager, Creative Strategist, Community Builder, & Possibility Agent
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