Gratitude Frame: 10 x 10

Day 10 of GRATiTUDE ATTiTUDE! Today is a smorgasbord of awesomeness. No theme—just a stream of consciousness and lots of gratitude. 10 x 10 things to be grateful in all!

  1. The ability to choose my transportation accordingly: bus, bike, walk, car. Today I took full advantage of these choices by utilizing public transportation, walking, and a zip car to end the day.
  2. My MUSE. Though I love her–she hits me at the strangest times. When I follow her lead it is ALWAYS rewarding.
  3. Warm showers–whether cleaning my skin after a good workout or warming by body after running in from the cold. I love them!
  4. I am also grateful for whirlpools to rest and rehab my tired muscles after a strenuous workout.
  5. My guitar. I love my cowboy chords!
  6. The sauna: after a good workout it helps me relax and stretch my muscles. But it also helps me to detox. Heat from the sauna helps to flush out toxins from largest organ: the pores of my skin.
  7. Living in a city big enough to host world-class performers (and small enough that I can actually get a ticket)! I love my beantown!!
  8. The opportunity to work with volunteers and people who are passionate about their alma mater.
  9. I am so very grateful for this world around me.
  10. And…finally, I am thankful that I am lucky to have 100 things that I can be grateful for. Wow. Just wow. I am a very lucky woman.

About themacdoodle

Communications Manager, Creative Strategist, Community Builder, & Possibility Agent
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2 Responses to Gratitude Frame: 10 x 10

  1. sara jane :D says:

    I’ve absolutely LOVED this whole series, MA. Just wonderful! Thanks for sharing. xoxoxo

    • themacdoodle says:

      Ahhh! Thanks Sara Jane! I enjoyed the series as well. This has been a very busy and otherwise stressful two weeks and these lists helped me focus on what’s right in my life instead of making me sweat the small stuff!

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