Disco Basement vs. Boston Laugh Occur Two Teams. Two Rounds. Cage Match Champion Title Bout

Come see my show this Friday night!  It’s simple:  we make you laugh.  You vote for us.  We win.  And the cycle continues.

Friday, October 5th at 9:30pm
ImprovBoston’s CageMatch in the Studio Arena
Disco Basement vs. Boston Laugh Occur
Two Teams.  Two Rounds.  Cage Match Champion Title Bout



Here’s how the Cage Match works.

Every Friday, a new challenger takes on the current champion every week at CageMatch.  This week Disco Basement vs Boston Laugh Occur.

Each team gets 22 minutes performing head-to-head longform improv in TWO ROUNDS. And the audience decides the winner by ballot. The champ comes back to defend the title; the loser stays home.

And that’s what we hope to do–send Laugh Occur back to Boston!

Tickets:  $12, $10 with student ID

Buy your tickets early and buy them here.

This will sell out.


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