Mindful Success in 2013

Last year I jumped the curb from making no resolutions for several years to going for 12 goals in one year (in honor or 2012).

For better or worse, I am a goal-oriented person.  Without my next goal to strive towards, I run the risk of becoming complacent.  However, in the three or so years leading up to this change in new year’s flow, I rebuked “New Year’s Resolutions” and embraced a theme.  For example, 2010 was “all about fun;” and I met that goal by exploring the things that brought me energy, smiles, enjoyment, and…well…fun.

I have to say that, while I know that goals give me the kick the you-know-what that I need to make important and life-improving changes in my life–the romantic in me loves a good theme.  So for 2013 I’ve embraced this by setting with a theme.

When I strive towards achieving new success, checking off an errand in a “to do list,” or seeking that next proverbial feather to place in my hat, I have a tendency to operate with my peripheral blinders on.  My motion is so singular that I forget to take in the path around me or how actions may be affecting others (and myself).  Sometimes I can get so excited to about fulfilling an important task or making a connection with another person that will lead me to this endgame that I rush into a decision only to realize after its too late that the match was not right and lose precious energy.


Recognizing these tendencies, I’ve set my theme for 2012:  Mindfulness.

I have a destination, and the goals I’m setting for 2013 will be stops along the way.  However, I pledge this year to appreciate the journey.  My hope is that it will be an enjoyable one–however, if the road gets tough I can better tweak the path if I am in tune with it.

Goals for 2013:

  1. Engage in a meditative and mindful practice for a minimum of 10 minutes at least three times a week.  This can include re-enrolling in a Tai Chi course, attending Restorative Yoga session, or private work.
  2. Take a pottery class (and apply towards #10 on the Bucket List)
  3. Keep the guitar out of the case and play it for 10 minutes every day that I am home.
  4. In collaborating and communicating with others I will seek first to understand than to be understood.
  5. Maintain a clean and organized desk.  Do not leave work without organizing my desk for the next day.
  6. Make working out fun.  Sweat and smile for at least 30 minutes a day.  If I don’t have time for the gym this can be substituted by giving up elevators and getting off one subway stop ahead to encourage walking and climbing.
  7. Release attachment to material possessions and observe the rule of “one in/two out.”  For every new item that I bring into my home I must rid myself of two things.
  8. Train for and compete in at least one sprint triathlon
  9. Coordinate a family reunion vacation spent camping on Apache Lake or Lake Roosevelt where the Hult clan and cousins relive our childhood memories of diving off cliffs into the water, listening to the beach boys until our heads spin, boogie boarding and tubing behind a speedboat, sharing stories around the campfire, and sleeping in lawn chairs under the starry night. (number 23 on the Bucket List)
  10. Court Wuggs.  Plan at least one surprise date night at least once a month dedicated completely to an experience designed just for her.

So here it goes.  I propose a toast to goals that I will approach mindfully in 2013! I will come at these goals by living an energized and balanced life of work, play, and rest.


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One Response to Mindful Success in 2013

  1. wuggs d says:

    Court wuggs… I like it 🙂

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