ATX Metro Adventures 

Experimenting with public transportation in Austin. Right now I’m enjoying the headspace. It’s something I actually miss very much about Boston. Let’s see how it feels after a full business day and end of week commute.


Tonight I’m experimenting with public transportation to beat the parking nightmare that is downtown Austin for my first Austin Young Chamber of Commerce Leadership Service meeting by taking Capital Metro. My app tells me it’s going to take an hour for what would normally be a 20 minute drive. But, unlike driving, I get to live blog the experience. #atxmetro


Exactly 4 buses have passed me so far. None of them is my beloved number 3. Missing the ease and convenience of MBTA but keeping the faith (and my walking shoes).


Had to move to the back of the line because I forgot to get my pass out in advance. Don’t worry folks! Still plenty of seats available (unlike Boston at peak times). And let’s hear it for air conditioning! #rookiemistake


You guys! This is so uneventful. Where are all the weird Austin people? In other news, I’ve responded to 5 emails so maybe I’ll have time to start keeping in touch with my friends and family.


While the ride itself was mostly uneventful, a car did pass me on my walk home blaring staccato honks of what I can only presume was “happy birthday.” Sorry bud … you’re off by three days still.


Also…crossing over tracks when a train is sitting with its lights on is scary.


And home in one hour and ten minutes. I hate driving just enough to make this worth it. But so much time is lost taking public transportation here. 


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