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Inspiration for my illustrated Journal

These are just some cards and art pieces that I observed between Bastrop and Sunset Valley today. I’m saving them for my muse box of goodies. 

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ATX Metro Adventures 

Experimenting with public transportation in Austin. Right now I’m enjoying the headspace. It’s something I actually miss very much about Boston. Let’s see how it feels after a full business day and end of week commute. #atxmetro 10/26-7:35pm Tonight I’m … Continue reading

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Meet ACC’s new alumni director: MaryAnn Cicala

Austin Community College has hired MaryAnn Cicala as its new full-time director of alumni.

Cicala will develop and lead initiatives to connect with and support ACC’s vast international alumni network, while helping the college benefit from the experience and expertise they represent. Continue reading

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Eulogy for Mama B

Slocum, memorial at Madera Canyon in Green Valley, Arizona on February 3, 2014. Continue reading

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Dream WiThOuT FEAR

What if failure was not an option? True, I have lists for everything–just see my bucket list with links to other lists I’m using to track each item. But I have to admit that sometimes I’m so afraid of failure … Continue reading

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Never too late for a New Year’s Favorite: Vegetarian Hoppin’ John

Every year since I’ve lived in Camberville I head over to Red Bones to partake in my New Year’s food tradition.  This year I was coming off of a juice fast and I chose to save my energy (and beat … Continue reading

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Write to Succeed

It’s the third of February and time, I’ve decided, to check in on the state of my new year’s goals. According to a national survey, nearly nine in ten resolutions won’t make it to February. I just came from a … Continue reading

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Mindful Success in 2013

Last year I jumped the curb from making no resolutions for several years to going for 12 goals in one year (in honor or 2012). For better or worse, I am a goal-oriented person.  Without my next goal to strive … Continue reading

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Report Card 2012

Before last night’s Urban Zen photo post, it has been a while since I checked in on The Accidental Optimist. And so the end of 2012 is here and it’s time to take inventory on the goals I set for … Continue reading

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Let the juicing begin with Urban Zen

I’m kicking off a three day juice fast tomorrow. Pictured here are the ingredients to make 64 ounces of Urban Juice. I sampled my first cup tonight and I’m pretty sure that I felt all the cells in my body … Continue reading

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