Disco Basement vs. Boston Laugh Occur Two Teams. Two Rounds. Cage Match Champion Title Bout

Come see my show this Friday night!  It’s simple:  we make you laugh.  You vote for us.  We win.  And the cycle continues.

Friday, October 5th at 9:30pm
ImprovBoston’s CageMatch in the Studio Arena
Disco Basement vs. Boston Laugh Occur
Two Teams.  Two Rounds.  Cage Match Champion Title Bout



Here’s how the Cage Match works.

Every Friday, a new challenger takes on the current champion every week at CageMatch.  This week Disco Basement vs Boston Laugh Occur.

Each team gets 22 minutes performing head-to-head longform improv in TWO ROUNDS. And the audience decides the winner by ballot. The champ comes back to defend the title; the loser stays home.

And that’s what we hope to do–send Laugh Occur back to Boston!

Tickets:  $12, $10 with student ID

Buy your tickets early and buy them here.

This will sell out.

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Gratitude Frame: 10 x 10

Day 10 of GRATiTUDE ATTiTUDE! Today is a smorgasbord of awesomeness. No theme—just a stream of consciousness and lots of gratitude. 10 x 10 things to be grateful in all!

  1. The ability to choose my transportation accordingly: bus, bike, walk, car. Today I took full advantage of these choices by utilizing public transportation, walking, and a zip car to end the day.
  2. My MUSE. Though I love her–she hits me at the strangest times. When I follow her lead it is ALWAYS rewarding.
  3. Warm showers–whether cleaning my skin after a good workout or warming by body after running in from the cold. I love them!
  4. I am also grateful for whirlpools to rest and rehab my tired muscles after a strenuous workout.
  5. My guitar. I love my cowboy chords!
  6. The sauna: after a good workout it helps me relax and stretch my muscles. But it also helps me to detox. Heat from the sauna helps to flush out toxins from largest organ: the pores of my skin.
  7. Living in a city big enough to host world-class performers (and small enough that I can actually get a ticket)! I love my beantown!!
  8. The opportunity to work with volunteers and people who are passionate about their alma mater.
  9. I am so very grateful for this world around me.
  10. And…finally, I am thankful that I am lucky to have 100 things that I can be grateful for. Wow. Just wow. I am a very lucky woman.
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It Takes a Village to Build Gratitude: Day 9

Every day, since President’s Day, I have been recording ten things for which I’m grateful. The ultimate goal is that I will have a list of 100 unique things that make me celebrate life by tomorrow in honor of Leap Year Day.

Today’s theme focuses on the love of community–Beit family, friends, neighbors, strangers… And how these can generate intangible feelings, memories, and naturally occurring chemical reactions in our minds and bodies that last well beyond the point of contact or experience.

Ten things that make me grateful:

  1. My team.  I have been blessed with direct reports who make my job all the more enjoyable.  They work hard, smile and laugh liberally, encourage me to try new things and think outside the box.  I am one lucky manager!
  2. Locally owned businesses. Moms and Pops rule!
  3. The local farmers for growing a bounty of healthy and organic vegetables and fruit and raising local livestock that nourish me.
  4. I love my in-laws. With marriage, I inherited four new siblings (and don’t tell anyone else…but I think I may even like them more than my spouse). How many married women can boast this?
  5. LOVE: and it’s ability to make me feel tender and passionate, forgiving and unconditional.
  6. Madera Canyon. A place to feel close to my lost brother and a place to relive some of my favorite childhood memories.
  7. Lakes Apache and Roosevelt in AZ for providing a rite of passage that any kid should have: camping with cousins, diving off cliffs into fresh water, listening to the Beach Boys until our heads spin, boogie boarding and tubing behind a speedboat, sharing stories around a campfire, and sleeping in lawn chairs under the starry night.
  8. Family traditions that revolve around good food: like baking covered apple pies for Thanksgiving and my Nonna’s marinara for just about everything else.
  9. Belly laughs. There isn’t much better in this world than a hearty belly laugh.
  10. My BFF’s. Who love me as I am and know how to laugh with me about life’s happenings.

What (and who) make YOU grateful?

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I’m Gr8!

I’m on a mission to record ten things everyday (for ten days). Today’s 10 (plus one that I inadvertently left off of yesterday’s list) brings me up to 80 total.

1. Blasting body pumping music and turning my 5 minute walk from the subway to my office into a catwalk. Strutting the entire way with a brief vogue at the crosswalk/stoplight is the BEST way to get me psyched for a get-it-done week ahead!

2. The satisfaction of checking something off my “to-do” list. Productivity feels good!

3. My brain and the ability to use it for creative and strategic thinking. But also the cognitive use and the 50 million things we don’t think about that our brain quietly takes care of…

4. An office door that closes so I might minimize distractions.

5. I love love love my road bike do much so that, when I have to put that aluminum pony away for the winter, it’s like breaking up with my first sweetheart!

6. I am grateful for the gift of another day to live. I am also grateful for the promise of tomorrow.

7. My gym, Healthworks. I absolutely LOVE working out. It’s not ALWAYS because I enjoy the sweat either. Sometimes just knowing that I’m going into a gym where I will be surrounded by focused, smiling, and energetic women is enough to pull me out of my would-be lazy bones.

8. Oxygen. It’s a simple element on the Periodic Table and yet so vital to our existence on this planet.

9.The dining hall at my school and my meal plan. I have access to healthy quick food for a very inexpensive price. We also have a killer salad bar that encourages me to fill up on healthy raw veggies.

10. My bucket list and 100 experiences of many varieties to set my scope on experiencing in this lifetime.

11. Success. It feels good when I experience it. And its my favorite way to learn. From the success of loved ones, to my own… And even strangers as case studies.

What are you grateful for?


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Gratitude 7.0: Sense Alive

Five Senses by Pantoja

Today marks day 7 of my GRATiTUDE ATTiTUDE challenge.  With ten more items on the gratitude list, this also brings me up to 70 things to celebrate.  By Wednesday, I’ll be celebrating Leap Year Day with a list of 100 things for which I’m grateful.

Today’s theme:  Sense Alive.  I was thinking about what it might be like to lose any one of my five senses and I realize how much each sense adds to the value of my life and experiences.  So today’s list is packaged based on five very tangible senses.

  1. I’m grateful for my 5 senses.  With out them I would not be able to appreciate the 9 remaining items on this list…
  2. I have to say that waking up without my alarm clock is pretty rad.  What a perfect way to ease into the day naturally.
  3. I also love waking up to sunshine on my face.  Its a sweet and gentle reminder of fun and life that is just waiting outside my door.
  4. The feel of hot Fluffy Towels (just out of the dryer) against my skin.
  5. I am thankful for the food I have to eat.  I am and forever will be a foodie.  I love how different flavors can conjure up memories on their own and I love how the surprising amalgamation of different types can create a mind-blowing delectable experience.  Yes.  Food,  I love thee.
  6. My Burberry perfume.  A splash of the sweet and spicy scent against my skin makes me feel crisp and clean and beautiful.
  7. My workout music mixes. They keep me motivated and help to push me through the toughest moments in my highest zone in cardio and strength training.
  8. Waking up in the middle of the night and feeling, in my half-awake bliss, that my sweet Wuggs’ hand–soft with sleep–is wrapped around my own.
  9. Listening to This American Life. I Heart Ira Glass and the fact that you usually need more than one sentence to describe my favorite radio magazine meets American time capsule show.
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The Happy Saturday List

Day six of my GRATiTUDE ATTiTUDE challenge.  And this list of ten things I’m super grateful for in my life brings me up to 60.  In four more days, Leap Year Day, to be exact, I will have a list of 100 completely unique things to celebrate for making my life pretty darn cool.

Today’s list begins with:

  1. Weekends!  This one is filled with all sorts of fun activities from swimming, to comedy, to brunch gatherings…and lots of physical activity. Yay weekends!
  2. Moleskin journals. I love them: almost every size and shape… But especially the ones that fit in my back pocket.  I have a different moleskin journal for almost every different type of activity in my life.  I think, one day, I may just have a small bookshelf to store a library of these pocket sized journals.
  3. Letters. You know…the old fashioned kind with ink, nice paper and envelope, a stamp and carried to your address by postal or delivery service.
  4. Paying it forward. Sometimes it feels good to do something nice and unexpected for no other reason than to cultivate happiness in another. Recognition or not… The idea is usually paid forward. Not always immediately. But in time.
  5. The Colorado River:  it feeds into the Gulf of California–but only after flowing through seven US states (and two Mexican states), carving the freaking GRAND CANYON in its path, and being a part of two experiences I will have in my lifetime: hike the grand canyon and experience a white water rafting trip in Colorado River 🙂
  6. Fancy hotels with luxurious bathrobes and Egyptian Cotton sheets with 3-digit thread counts.
  7. The fact that my state was the first US one to legally recognize the marriage to my best friend and soul-mate, Wuggs.
  8. The family tree. Yes.  It’s a real tree. We have a giant cottonwood where my family gathers (and take some of the best family portraits ever).
  9. My nieces and nephews –they hold the secret to life and I find myself living vicariously through each (Ages: 10 months, 4 1/2, 14, and 16).
  10. That I have options; that I am free to make choices.

What are YOU grateful for?

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Rampage of Appreciation: Halfway There

This is day five of my GRATiTUDE ATTiTUDE challenge. Everyday–for ten days–I’m posting ten different things that make me feel grateful. By February 29th I hope to have juicy list choc-full of 100 uniquely qualified things that make me feel lucky.  Today’s list brings me up to 50…and halfway there.

Let today’s rampage of appreciation begin:

1. A simple connection with a stranger in an otherwise hectic commute. It could be eye contact, a smile, or even a simple nod; just as long as it reminds us that we are all connected in some way.

2. I am so thrilled that I found the website and app for MyFitnessPal. What an excellent and easy way to track what I put into my body and my exercise.

3. I am grateful for the mindfulness that I am learning through Tai Chi.

4. My book club. Once a month I get to meet up with a group of women who call ourselves The Bitchin’ Babes. Tonight we’re discussing The Forty Rules of Love, by Elif Shafak.

5. Vitamins. For supplementing what I miss in my diet otherwise.

6. I am thankful for riding The MBTA. I don’t know if I would have ever chosen Boston if it did not have such inexpensive and convenient transportation! Charlie, you’re the perfect rush hour commute buddy.

7. I am thankful for my iPhone that allows me to connect to family, friends, work, the world … And my MUSIC!

8. I am thankful for access to clean water. Have you ever considered the science and engineering that goes into designing access to safe and clean water supply?  I was reminded of this during the 2010 Boston Water Emergency. I am astounded, at least once a day, at how easy it is to get a glass of fresh, clean water!  Listen: 60% of the total body weight in the average god pod is made of water.  Water is important and I’m grateful for this.

9. That a college buddy set up a group on facebook called “Let’s Stay Healthy” where a group of friends and community (that does not extend beyond 1 degree of separation) can share goals, challenges, milestones, and tips for healthy living.

10. Clothes. Wouldn’t it be awkward to ride the subway and collaborate with our colleagues with our girlie parts all out there for the world to see?

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Thank You Thursday

I’m on a ten day mission to track ten things I’m grateful everyday until leap day.

Ten things I’m thankful for this Thursday:

1. A boss who sees my potential and pushes me to aim higher every day.

2. I love when the spring is coming close and thedays are getting longer.

3. I am grateful for the roof over my head. When you consider that on any given night there are almost 650,000 people experiencing homelessness in the US, I feel so fortunate that I have a warm home and bed to sleep in.

4. That I’ve shed 5 1/2 pounds of my winter weight. Only 10 more pounds to go!

5. I am grateful for the gift of LIFE.

6. The “like” button on Facebook and WordPress. The +1 button on google+. And expressions like “attaboy” that show positive support.

7. My college degrees; both of them.

8. The interstates and highways of north America. I can eat a strawberrieswhen there is snow in my backyard simply because this intricate system ties together 3 countries and more than 50 states together so truckers can drive produce that might otherwise be out of season in my region.

9. My bookcase full of fabulous books.

10. My health insurance that grants me access to some of the best doctors in the world and a team that communicates do well together!


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Rockets of GRATiTUDE: 30 of 100

Day three of my 10 x 10 gratitude challenge. Every day for ten days I’m launching ten rockets of gratitude with the goal of celebrating leap year by sitting on Planet Grateful reviewing my map of 100 unique destinations that were a part of my travels.

For those who like to keep track there were ten posted on Monday and another ten posted on Tuesday…today’s 10 will launch a total of 30 unique rockets of gratitude.

Let today’s countdown begin…

  1. My friends… Or as I like to refer to them: my chosen family. They make me laugh, they are there when I need a hug, and they wake up my creativity.
  2. A paycheck. Yep. It’s pretty cool that I get one for spending my days doing fulfilling work! When I theirs bout or hear others complain about their jobs, I shake my head and smile inwardly at the great luck I have to get paid doing something I love.
  3. I am doing free-style swimming. For someone who physically could not even turn her head just 6 months ago…that’s pretty amazing! No more more snorkel masks and awkward glances at the local indoor pool!
  4. I am grateful for federal and state holidays that remind us that there is more to life than work work work.
  5. I am grateful for goals. Without them I would be lost. Without tracking them I would not know where I have been. Without setting them I would not know my destination.
  6. But I am also grateful for setbacks; they give me something to learn from.
  7. My favorite healthy fast food: spicy tuna rolls and miso soup.
  8. A rich English language that includes onomatopoeia — or the formation or use of words that imitate sound and make language buzz… such as NomNomNom, kaPOW, and ShazAM!
  9. Champagne. Sparkling Wine. Prosecco. Soda Water. If it has bubbles I can drink it to celebrate the milestones in life.
  10. No matter what life brings me… There is always SOMETHING to smile about. Yes…I am, forever, the accidental optimist.
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GRATiTUDE ATtiTUDE: 20 of 100

Yesterday I decided to embark on a fun challenge–and a very appropriate way to end the month of February. Every day for ten days I will be sharing ten new things for which I am grateful. By Leap Year Day, I will have a list of 100 unique things that make me say, “Thank You.”




Today I present to you the next 10 items that give me GRAtiTUDE ATTiTUDE: 

  1. Sleep. I do this every night. And I wake up refreshed and renewed and alert. It helps my tissue repair, muscles relax, blood supply increase, restores my energy, releases hormones, provides energy to the brain, supplies interesting dreams– and just feels darn good!
  2. I am grateful for the four avocado pits that I have turned into indoor avocado plants. They are thriving at various stages. They keep me present. And they make me smile.
  3. Viral YOUTUBE videos like JESSICA’S DAILY AFFIRMATION that turn 4 year olds into role models for adults! And ones that reclaim Valentine’s Day by  seeking answers to the question, “What is love?” as a means of celebrating an otherwise commercialized holiday.
  4. Meaningful memories like watching the sunrise on a fishing trip with my Dad in the White Mountains in Northern Arizona.
  5. The winter. But only because it makes me appreciate the other three seasons so much more.
  6. Coffee! For waking up my taste buds and firing up my brain synapsis!
  7. Oxytocin… Even if it means that I’m little late to work because I ended up spending 5 more minutes cuddling with my honey in the morning.
  8. My health. I may have a few limitations that come with age and injury. But mostly I am healthy and strong and more than able.
  9. I love my two furry friends Poppy and Succotash. How could you not love two cats with names like these?
  10. My improv comedy class that allows me to meet new people, live completely in the moment, take chances, and experience playtime for adults for 2 1/2 hours each week.

What puts you in the ATtiTUDE OF GRATiTUDE?

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