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Trapeze Show

The Club Med staff put on a trapeze show for us. It was like Cirque du Soliel.

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In my next life…

If I live a good life and am truly kind to others… Perhaps… If I’m lucky, I’ll be reborn as an iguana in Cancun!

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One bright day in the middle of the night

Wuggs and I spent many evenings stargazing to the soundtrack of waves kissing the shores on these beach beds. Of course, the tops were removed at night.

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Another Day in Paradise

The first FULL day of vacation!

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Superior Lagoon

View from my balcony on our first day of a much needed vacation. ¬†Club Med calls this a “lagoon.” ¬†Once we found out that over 50 alligators inhabit these waters, Wuggs began referring to it as the “swamp.” Just left … Continue reading

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