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Poppy watches “snow TV”

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It’s Poppy in a Box!

Our cat likes receiving packages in the mail even more than we do. However, she is less interested in the contents. She prefers the possibilities of the empty box. There’s probably a lesson in there for me.

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Poppy’s Shelf

Some people have to make their home “toddler safe”…in our home its Poppy safe. We gave up putting anything more than games and a couple yearbooks on this bottom shelf year ago!

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Kitty Bjorn

Yes. I’m THAT lady who takes her cats for a walk in the kitty bjorn. But she prefers this over the leash!

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Cats need their teeth brushed too!

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Poppy Hates The Vet

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Poppy’s Five Minutes of Fame

I think Poppy’s been jealous that Succotash has been getting all the attention with the photographs. She finally allowed me to take a decent head shot! Taken with the Hipstamatic. Lens- Kaimail Mark II Film- Ina’s 1969 Then I applied … Continue reading

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Double Trouble

Poppy and Succotash rule the bed. Don’t even THINK about claiming your side!

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